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Checklist for Actions as Programs Progress

Updated: Sep 11

One of the challenges we encounter when running a 10-week program is getting the students to show up weekly. From previous seasons, we see a large drop-off in attendance from Week 5 onwards.

We want to keep the student's momentum going from start to finish. After all, it is our mission to make dancing the best part of their week. This is why we follow these steps to make sure we provide a smooth experience for everyone. Every VA has a part to play in making this happen. Kindly refer to our MaS Onboarding Trello board for reference on team member roles.

Before Enrollment Season
  • Operations support to check Google Calendar for the next enrollment season reminder. If trigger date (in Trello) is approaching, operations support to remind management if they still haven't sent the plan yet.

  • Operations manager to suggest program schedule to academy director. When management sends the approved schedule for next season, operations support to update our records.

  • Operations manager to make sure studios are booked and instructors are available for next programs. Assisted by operations support.

  • Operations manager to initiate enrollment campaign messages to all contacts (excluding phone and emails opt-outs, past students now located in out-of-service areas, students already enrolled for new season, and also students for the particular academy only). Assisted by student support specialist.

Prior to Day 1 of Program
Week 4 of Program
Week 5 of Program
Week 6 of Program
Weeks 7 of Program
Week 9 of Program
Week 10 of Program


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