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Sending Day 0 Reminders / Pre-Class Messages

Updated: 20 hours ago

Below are content templates our student support specialist sends to our students who are enrolled in a program that's about to start. Schedule to send it a day before their Day 1 of class at 7:30am (for emails) and 8:30am (for SMS).


Easily schedule email on Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM > Settings > Templates > “LA: Important: Info for Your Dance Class Tomorrow!”

(Do this on Zoho CRM using Mass Email feature using the support@mas email.)



Important: Info for Dance Class Tomorrow!


Get excited! Tomorrow, Monday, is day 1 of your salsa/bachata program!


Arrive 15 Minutes Early:

Just for day 1, please arrive 25 minutes early to check in.

Location and Time:

Double check the location and time of your program at


The LESS traction the better. If athletic shoes, then older, worn down soles are better.

Men: Dress shoes often work well

Ladies: If you wear heels, make sure they have straps over the top of the foot and you’re comfortable in them. Heels are not mandatory.


Anything comfortable works. Make sure your feet are visible (so avoid long dresses that flare out when you turn)


- Movers and Shakers



Get excited for Day 1 of your {Bachata 101} program tomorrow at {The Floor Studio}! Please see the email we just sent today for details. -{vaName}, Movers and Shakers

(Do this on our mass SMS app.)

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