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How to manage new leads from Classpass

Updated: May 9

Classpass is an app where users subscribe to a membership and they can use membership credits to book appointments or classes to hundreds of Classpass' business partners. Movers and Shakers Dance Academy only uses Classpass to get a lead to find us and try a class.

Important: Leads who tried a class are not allowed to book a class again using this platform.

When a new lead reserves a spot

The only way for us to communicate to a Classpass lead is through the platform. When we get a reservation for a class, the first thing we do is send them an email. Below is the template:

Hi {Lizzie}! {Louise} here with Movers and Shakers Dance Academy. Our {Salsa 102 program} which starts at 8pm is located at {The Balcony on Beverwil}.

{Studio Location}:

The Balcony on Beverwil

9618 W Pico Blvd Suite 507, Los Angeles, CA 90035

👉 Watch this video to find the studio:

To confirm your reservation for this class, please text our director Danny at 310 595 4006. Thank you!

The student will have to text Danny to confirm their Classpass reservation to try a class. Danny will connect with the student and ask them to register on the site. Update their CRM record once they submit their registration.

If their reservation is confirmed for a trial class, there's no need for the student to pay $20 deposit. Just like a regular trial class, be sure to schedule a follow-up activity to ask the Classpass lead how they felt in class.

On the day of their trial class, student support specialist needs to mark the student present in the class list on Classpass. The attendance log will be enabled 30 minutes before the class start time and will remain enabled until 11:59 pm.

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