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Creating graduation certificates

Updated: Sep 6

The operations support specialist is in charge of creating and ordering the graduation certificates. Below are the steps.

  1. Open this folder.

  2. Watch the video "how to generate graduation certificates"

  3. Download "Certificate template" to your local computer.

  4. Update and edit as seen on the demo video.

  5. When a program is on Week 6, start creating certificates for programs past Week 4.

  6. Submit pdf files to manager to double check.

  7. When manager gives you the green light, log in to

  8. When you're confident that everything looks good, inform the manager so she can proceed to purchase.


  • Certificates have been thoroughly checked - no student names are missing

  • Each certificate costs ~60-70 cents (one-sided, full color, size is 8.5"x11")

  • Paper has matte surface (not glossy)

  • No drilling, no binding, et cetera

  • Can deliver to Los Angeles California 90024

  • Shipping is FREE (for orders $60 and above)


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