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Creating and ordering graduation certificates

Updated: May 11

The student support specialist is in charge of creating and ordering the graduation certificates. Below are the steps.

Create certificates

  1. Open this folder and watch the video below to learn how to generate graduation certificates.

  2. Download "Certificate template" to your local computer.

  3. Update and edit as seen on the demo video. Also check the output sample in the folder. Some notes: - Date field should only have Month and Year (not the full date of their graduation night) - When approved by manager, merge all program certificates to one PDF file.

  4. When a program is on Week 6, start creating certificates for programs past Week 4.

  5. Submit pdf files to manager to double check. If given green light, proceed with order.

Place the order

  1. When manager gives you the green light, log in to If you have no access yet, ask manager.

  2. Upon log in, go to My Account > My Orders and pick from previous orders, click the "Reorder" option. You'll be directed to the Shopping Cart page. Click the "Edit Job" button. (You may check screenshots below as guide.)

  3. Update the Job Name and Pages. Keep all other settings. Click "Update Cart". You should be back to the Shopping Cart page.

  4. Remove the previous PDF file and replace with the file you want printed.

  5. Under the Estimate Shipping and Tax section, select California, ZIP is 90024, and then choose UPS Ground Delivery.

  6. Based on the estimate, check how much one certificate costs. (Total Price/Total Pages) Cost should be ~¢50 a piece.

  7. Proceed with the order if manager has given you green light. Otherwise, inform the manager so she can proceed with purchase. Note: Our billing and shipping address are different. Make sure that package ships to 1293 S Beverly Glen Blvd Apt 102 90024. This is the director's home address and is subject to change. Please confirm with director/manager semi-yearly.


  1. Once order is done, update credit card transaction in the payment tracker spreadsheet to include this transaction.

  2. Afterwards, inform Danny of the estimated delivery date. Go to My Orders page and click View Order. Click Track Your Order and copy the tracking code. Go to google and check UPS delivery status. (See below screenshots)


  • Certificates have been thoroughly checked - no student names are missing.

  • Each certificate should only cost about ~¢50-¢60 (Size is letter - 8.5"x11").

  • Paper stock is 65# Laser White Cover and should have matte surface (not glossy).

  • Only front side is printed on. Full color.

  • Collated. No drilling, no binding, et cetera.

  • Can deliver to Los Angeles California 90024.

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