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Preparing the graduating students for their next programs

Updated: Sep 6

Prior to week 6 of a program, the manager and operations support should have already worked on securing the following:

  • Instructors Availability (asap)

  • Website and Jotform updates (asap)

  • Studio Availability (can be confirmed later)


When abovementioned are already secured, the student support specialist sends this message template to students a day before the Week 6 of their program, as instructed by Director/Manager:

Hey {studentName}, we're planning on doing {salsa} 102 in the same spot specifically for your group. It is a direct progression of 101 and built specifically for 101 graduates.

If we get enough people to join the program, we can do the 102 in this time slot. Will you be joining your classmates for {salsa} 102?


The student support specialist should also tell the instructors to start promoting the next season's programs. They must do this until Week 10 of the current class they're teaching.

  • If class is 101, instructors may encourage the students to do 102 program. If they want to repeat, they can definitely do that too. Schedule likely opening soon

  • If the class is 102, instructors should mention that they can contact Danny or Louise to ask if possible to join 103. Also, instructor must mention about the performance teams.

  • If the class is 103, instructor (most likely just Danny) should mention that we will have another 103 with a different curriculum. So encourage 103 students to re-enroll. Also let them know they're qualified to join the performance teams.


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