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Monitoring student's review status in Zoho CRM

Updated: Sep 6

It's important that we ask for reviews because online reviews are powerful marketing tool for our academy. Sometimes, Danny will ask his students during class for reviews. Sometimes, Danny or the manager will ask the Experience Manager to initiate the review campaign.

Reviews are earned, not forced.

Ideally, we just have to invite these students just once. If they say they're willing to give us a review, then we follow them up since they gave us their word. On the other hand, if they didn't confirm with us that they'll be leaving a review, we want to make sure we don't send them repetitive messages asking for it because we don't want to sound demanding.

To identify review prospects, the operations support specialist will do the below steps.


Using CRM Filters

To avoid this, we want to track everything in our CRM. Use filters to see student record information related to their reviews status.

Below is a screenshot of the Google and Yelp reviews section in an individual student's CRM record.

Watch this video to see how to filter and update reviews status.


Check Yelp for new reviews

  1. Visit our Yelp profile.

  2. Go to the "Recommended Reviews" section and click "Yelp Sort" (it's under the overall star ratings)

  3. Select "Newest First" and log all info in the CRM.

  4. Some reviews are hidden by Yelp. At the bottom part of the "Recommend Reviews" section (below the page navigation), click "X other reviews that are not currently recommended".

  5. Check new reviews there and also log in the CRM. Make sure to check the "Hidden by Yelp" field.


Check Google for new reviews

  1. Go to our Google Business page.

  2. Click "Sort" then select "Newest".

  3. Check new reviews there and also log in the CRM.


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