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Processing payment to instructors/studios

Updated: Sep 6

The operations support specialist will verify the completion of lessons. Afterwards, the manager will be the one to issue payment to the instructor/studio.

To date, Manager is the only person given permission to process refunds, pay instructors and studios, aside from the Director.

  • Instructors will reach out to us when they want to get paid for the hours they taught either a group class or a private lesson. They will update Columns A-D of their payment tracking sheet. If they asked to be paid but they haven't done that yet, please ask them to do it first.

  • After filling out columns A-D, operations support will verify the following: - the class/lesson already happened (logged in the calendar and CRM, if unsure ask Leriza) - the student has already paid (if private lesson)

  • For private lessons, save a screenshot of the student's payment confirmation. Rename it in this format: {NameOfStudent}. ${Amount}. {MM DD YYYY}

  • Upload it to "Payment Screenshots" folder of the instructor.

  • Once verified, update Columns E-I of their payment tracking sheet.

  • Add a note that in Column K that the screenshot of payment has been uploaded.

  • Once done, please notify Manager.


  • Log in to DK's designated business mac virtually via TeamViewer (Via Meryo’s account)

  • Only log in after 8pm PST to avoid disturbing Meryo’s flow

  • Log in to Venmo via Safari only. Venmo password is saved in Safari. Safari itself is locked. Password given to LS via Signal. This password is ONLY for Louise. Louise and Danny are the only two people w/ access to financial accounts.


  • Allow Venmo to pay from the US Bank account (instead of directly from the Venmo balance)

  • Pay instructors:

⁃ Ensure they’ve completed their Google Sheet correctly. No payment sent until they do it right

⁃ Double/triple check that you’re sending the correct amounts

⁃ Group classes $100/hr

⁃ Private lessons

⁃ 50% of profits (after studio fees covered) for LA instructors

⁃ 60% of profits (after studio fees covered) for other cities

⁃ Don’t accept payment requests from instructors on Venmo. Decline the request and send the payments manually (easier for bookkeeping). Also do NOT assume their requested amount is correct. It may not be

⁃ Pay for group classes and privates in SEPARATE payments

⁃ In the Venmo notes, always write the dates that payments apply to . Ex. “Private lessons 3/2-3/15/2023.” or “Group class teaching 1/5-1/31/2023”

⁃ Immediately update the Google sheet to indicate the date that you sent payment for each line item. VERY important to avoid future confusion.

• Pay studios:

⁃ Group lessons: It’s okay to send payment in advance for as much as a whole season after we know we have enough students for the program. Don’t send payment until we have enough students

⁃ Private lessons: Send payment AFTER the lessons occur, not before, in case there are cancellations. Best to send once every two weeks to save everyone time if possible - ask the studio owners if this is ok.


  • When the Venmo account reaches $5k+, transfer $2999 to US Bank account (Venmo won’t allow larger transfers). If doing multiple transfers, make the amounts different for each (Ex. $2999, $2998, $2997, $2996 etc). Aim to keep around $2k-$5k in Venmo account (this isn’t so important though. If there’s a delay it’s ok).


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