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Updating our payment tracker excel sheet

The student support specialist should regularly monitor payments to our partners or another business entity.

  1. Ask the manager to share with you Dropbox folder “Payment Tracking and Receipts” (please check email to see invitation to access if you already asked).

  2. Kindly go to "Payment Tracking and Receipts\Receipts and Screenshots(to rename)" folder.

  3. Rename the files in the format: 3 18 2023 - $141.91 - Certificates Printing - MaS Dance LLC - cc 9181

  4. Once done, move then out of the “(to rename)” folder.

  5. Check our email for Venmo / Zelle / Stripe transactions. When you see that we issued a payment to an instructor or supplier, screenshot those and file them as well. Put them in the same folder and update the “Payment Tracker” sheet in the same Dbox folder.

Using the payment tracker sheet

Watch video below to know how to update excel sheet when Movers and Shakers releases payment.

Watch video to know how we track our studio rental bookings and payments.

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