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Updating Instructor Payment Sheet

Updated: Sep 6

We use Google sheets so instructors can write down all group classes and private lessons they taught. This helps us track/determine the amount we owe instructors and monitor successful payments.

It is the duty of the operations support specialist to verify the details of the rendered work before the manager can release the payment.

  1. Ask the manager to give you access to this folder.

  2. Once you have access, you will see folders for all our instructors. Each folder has a payment tracker sheet and a payment screenshot folder where you will file payments for private lessons booked with that particular instructor.

  3. When the instructor asks to be paid, make sure they have access to their Google sheet. Instruct them to update columns A to D.

  4. The columns E to H and column K will be updated by the Experience Manager.

  5. Columns I to J will be updated by Louise or Danny.


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