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Onboarding new members

Updated: Sep 6

Steps for manager to remember when onboarding a new member:

  1. Add team members to future Whatsapp groups. This helps everyone keep a pulse and feel closer to the action and understand the culture and updates.

  2. New members must add their info to the "Team Members" list in the "MaS Onboarding" Trello board.

  3. Add new members to Trello and ask them to check "MaS Onboarding" board. Invite them using their mas emails and also advise them to update their profile photos so they can be easily recognized.

  4. Make sure that the VAs know the passwords to accounts / have access with permissions to accounts they'll need to do their tasks.

  5. Have them do the following to kick start their education in salsa & bachata:

  • Follow on Instagram @‌dannykalman, @moversandshakers_dance_academy.

  • Monitor the MaS Whatsapp groups that we have for the students. By watching their conversations, vids, etc., you can get a feel for the culture here (brace yourself - some of them are wild! Haha)

  • Search YouTube for the famous bachata and salsa dancers and watch some of their videos. Specifically, check out “Sensual bachata.” Read comments on the videos too.


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