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Creating forms in Jotform

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

We create forms in Jotform and embed them to our website. Support specialists are tasked to do this from time to time.

Use case includes:

  • Registration forms

  • Card payment forms

  • Feedback forms

  • Gift forms

  • Polls/surveys

  • Screening job candidates

Watch these videos too see how to edit and design in Jotform.


How to edit Product Payment Form in Jotform

This form is our most used payment form and as we update our group programs, this might have to be updated from time to time as well. Using this form as an example, here's a guide on how to change the payment options in Jotform.

  1. Select the payment form and go to the card payment widget.

  2. Click the form and small action icons will pop up. Select "Payment Settings".

  3. Hover the mouse pointer on the product you want to update. Click the pencil icon.

  4. Change the name and description of the product. Toggle on the "Show subtotal on form" button.

  5. Switch to the "Options" tab and add the feature you think is appropriate. Quantity Selector: You can add a Quantity Selector feature wherein clients can purchase X number of products at once. If you add this, it'll simply ask you for the max number of products that can be purchased at once. Product Options: If you're offering different products at different prices, select the Product Option feature. Fill out the "Label" of the product and enable special pricing per option and write the different programs and prices. Since this is a card processor, don't forget to add 3% transaction fee on top of the base prices of the programs.

  6. Publish the form and you're done.

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