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Setting Up Enrollment and Payment Flow Using Jotform

Updated: Feb 22

Setting up a well-structured enrollment and payment system for Movers and Shakers is important for ensuring administrative efficiency. Most importantly, a robust system provides our students with a positive and seamless experience, contributing to their overall satisfaction and engagement with our dance programs.

The current registration and payment system was created using Jotform. This SOP will discuss in detail how the system was created.

Setting Up the Post-Purchase Registration-Payment-Upsell Flow

The current registration flow includes the following forms:

This form is the enrollment form, which serves as the lead capture.

This form is used for making payments for any MaS dance program.

This form is used for making payments for a MaS 101 program.

This form is used for making payments for two 101 programs. It applies a $100 discount.

This upsell form offers a $100 discount to students who enroll in two 101 programs.

This upsell form offers an organized practice session for $49, lasting for 10 weeks.

The Registration Flow

This workflow illustrates a user's pathway through the registration flow and serves as the primary reference for the system design.

Setting Up the Forms

  1. Refer to these video tutorials for creating a form in Jotform.

  2. We used Jotform widgets to collect essential information from users, such as their name, phone number, email address, and the program they're enrolling in. To view this information for each form, please visit the Jotform builder of each form.

  3. Next, we set up conditions to make our forms dynamic based on what users input/choose. Conditions are rules that determine when things happen in the form. You can find and set up conditions under Settings > Conditions.

  4. After creating each form to collect user data, we connect them so info passes from one to another. This saves users from entering the same details repeatedly. This tutorial is helpful in passing info from one form to another. Passing info can be done using the Thank You page of the form which can be found on Settings > Thank You Page. In the flow, we pass info for the student's name, email, and program code which allows us to track a student's enrollment and payment history.

The above method was used to set up each form so that the correct info is collected from the user. Here's a summary of the data added to each form. We'll also discuss later how we set up the flow.

  1. This form serves as the enrollment and lead capture form.

  2. We set up the form so that it collects the dance program they're interested in, contact info, and signature.

  3. We also collect info such as their partner's info, which is only accessible when they choose to come with a partner.

  4. The conditions show a variety of logic that allows us to pass the info to another form later, depending on what the user chooses as their program. Check the logic here:

  5. We add autoresponder emails that are sent to the user with all their program details; another email sent to their partner, and a notification email sent to Danny. Check the emails here:

  6. Finally, the Thank You page is set up so that when the user clicks submit, the user is redirected to this form. In this case, there are three Thank You pages for the Enrollment form, as indicated in the above diagram. In cases where there is more than one thank you page, we can add the other thank you pages in the conditions and set up the logic.

Setting Up the Flow

As previously mentioned, the above diagram is our reference for our registration flow design. Now that we've set up our forms, let's organize the flow so that every user pathway is accurate according to our design.

We can do this by utilizing the form's thank you page. This is designed so that when a user clicks the button at the end of the form, they are redirected to the link indicated as the thank you page. We can access the thank you page through Settings > Thank You Page.

Registered for two 101s

Registered for one 101

Registered for 101 and higher level

Registered for higher level, no 101s

Setting up Automation

The data we collect from the forms need to be logged into our Zoho CRM and so to make everything easier for us, we use automation tools. We use Jotform integrations and Zapier for this.

Jotform to Zoho CRM

  1. We use Jotform integrations to automatically log our lead's name, email, and academy location to our Zoho CRM. It can be set up on Settings > Integrations > Zoho CRM

  2. We also need to add other relevant info such as "Notes" so that we can track our lead's information.

  3. Check our Jotform to Google Sheets integration for our enrollment form here:

  4. Jotform to Zoho CRM is done for the enrollment and all payment forms.

Jotform to Google Sheets

  1. We also have Jotform to Google Sheets integration to track our students' enrollment and payment history. It can be set up on Settings > Integrations > Google Sheets

  2. Check our Jotform to Google Sheets integration for our enrollment form here:

  3. This is also done for the enrollment and all payment forms.


  1. For more complex automation processes, we use Zapier. It also serves as another tool to ensure that our leads' data (from the enrollment and payment forms) are passed to our Zoho CRM.

  2. Check out the Zaps for our enrollment and payment forms here:

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