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Handling corporate accounts

Updated: Feb 15

From time to time, we receive requests from corporate clients to participate in the form of:

  • Television appearance

  • Performance at an event

  • Workshop for a group of people (academic schools/department in a company/association)

  • Private lessons for a film actor/actress

  • Other

When an institution like a school/university, a company, or a corporation reaches out to us for these special events, we'd like Danny or the phone rep (with Danny's blessing) to speak with them. The purpose of the phone/video call is to make sure that we get the on the right foot with them and that they have a great impression of us.


Typically Danny gives the client a quote. When the event manager says we can send the invoice to their email, we edit this template:


To pay, clients can write a check (), use digital money apps (Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp) or pay using credit card through our payment link for corporate events.

Credit card is the most common payment method for corporate clients. Before sending them the quote, we want to make sure that the payment link is updated first. Add a new "event code" by setting up another condition in the special events payment form (hosted in Jotform).

Typically for big events with more than 40 attendees and with a quote amount that is more than $1,000, we are okay with the client paying a deposit (50$ of the total amount). For events with quote amount less than $1,000, clients to pay the full amount up front - unless requesting to do deposit.


A week before the event date, please make sure that the instructor knows the following information (added samples too)


 Saturday, 2/10/2024


 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Arrival/Set-up Time 

 5:00 p.m.

Number of attendees 

 ~45 people

Profile of Attendees

Age range of 30-55 years old. Female-male ratio is 2:1

Number of instructors needed 

 2 instructors to teach/dance

Theme/Vision/Goal of event

 Salsa class with emphasis on overcoming challenges and “curve balls", luxury experience still fun and memorable.

Location (and parking situation)

 MAS Corporate Campus, 888 N. Ever Street, Los Angeles, CA - Plenty of free parking on the venue grounds. - Event is indoors. Carpeted.

Arrival Instructions 

 Please contact Gustavo Castillo when you arrive on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. His cell is 123-123-1234. I’ve also attached a map of the venue. You’re going to the MAS building.

Audio-Video Requirements 

 We will have an AV team there on-site who can assist. A wireless microphone will be given to the instructors.

Instructions for Lesson 

 We will review all this on our call later today. The client will provide specifics on the elements they would like you to implement during the instruction.

On-site Contact Persons

 If there are any issues, please call Gustavo on 123-123-1234.


 Instructors wears slacks and a jacket (male) and dresses similar to what was in the photo sent (female). Instructors should not wear anything that’s too revealing. Attendees will wear casual clothes vintage-themed. Event manager told everyone to bring worn-out athletic shoes for dancing.


Instructor to send song lineup to AV team 2 days before event.

If the corporate client is not in Los Angeles, we want to relay any question of the event manager to the instructor and do all the communication with them. Ideally, the instructor just shows up and teaches. This will only work if expectation is crystal clear on both sides.


Instructors need to focus on just teaching/dancing. The experience for them must be well-thought of too. The more they are informed, the better they can prepare.

Where is the instructor going to park? What time is the event? What are the goals of the event? Who is at the event? How many people are at the event? What's the audiovisual situation? Is the instructor going to have to project her voice or are they going to have a wireless microphone set up for her? If it's 40 or fewer people, probably just projecting the voice is fine, but microphone set up is better. What's the floor like? Concrete is really difficult to spin on. If it's on carpet, it's okay. Is it indoors, outdoors? What will people be wearing at the event? The instructor should know these things ahead of time.

People should wear shoes that are slippery as possible that day. So no like sticky rubber athletic shoes because those are impossible to spin in. If If they don't have the right shoes, it's not that big of a deal. But let's at least communicate that to them so everybody can get the best experience out of this event. And whenever the event starts, the instructor should be getting there like 45 minutes early so she has time figuring out other unforeseen factors and get all set up so that we leave a really good impression to the client.

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