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Tuesday, February 13, 2024. 8:00pm-10:00pm

Introducing TWO LEVELS (advanced team and open team) in 2024

Los Angeles Salsa / Bachata Performance Team


Take your dancing to the next level with the Movers and Shakers performance team!

No partner needed.

The 2023 performance team was very popular, so we're doing it again in 2024!

Starting February 2024, you will learn a choreography over 9 months and be given the opportunity to perform at night clubs around Los Angeles, festivals ("Congresses") around Los Angeles, the Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress, and festivals in other cities.

The performance team is a GREAT way to level up your dancing skills and will also make you a better social dancer!

Come see if it's the right fit for you!


The choreography will include both salsa and bachata.
You do NOT need experience in both styles. Experience in one style is sufficient and you will be able to learn the choreography for the other style.



Every team member will be invited to perform, but not required. You may perform when you feel ready.
Performances at local venues are free. Performances at festivals/congress require performance passes that are paid to the event organizers. Performer passes get you full access to the events typically at a lower price than is available to the general public.

Currently all ages 18+ are welcome.
​In the future there maybe a Movers and Shakers Team for younger dancers.


• Choreographed routine including salsa and bachata
• Dancing technique both for stage and social dancing
• Stage presence - charisma for both on and off the stage!
• Sharper, cleaner, better, faster movements while you’re dancing
• Musicality
• Styling
• Spinning technique and execution
• Tricks may occasionally be taught (optional - not all team members will do them)
• How to enjoy yourself on stage!



• Dance skills
• Camaraderie
• Community



We are here to have FUN, and we are very good at it!

You will be welcomed into a vibrant, enthusiastic, positive group.

We also work hard, sweat, and focus during rehearsals. Your dancing skills will improve dramatically on the team and you'll get a great workout in the process.

The director also ensures that every team member is always being challenged to become a better dancer. When you're ready for more, he makes sure it's there for you.

Through the physical challenge, fun, shared purpose, and events and shows together, you'll form a special bond with your teammates and will likely make friendships that last a life time.

We also have a strict "no drama" and "total support" policy that ensures that every team member is always focused on positive reinforcement and encouragement to all of their teammates. The result is a special experience like no other.




Salsa / Bachata festivals, also known as "congresses," are big 3 day dance events at hotels that often attract dancers from all over the world.

Festivals have hours upon hours of dance workshops, pool parties in the afternoons, performances every evening, and social dancing all night every night until the sun comes up.

At these events you will have your entire Movers and Shakers family with you, which enhances the experience in a big way. You'll have teammates to go to meals with, attend workshops with, and have fun with! The academy director also often books a suite to host Movers and Shakers parties! It's a one of a kind, unforgettable experience.


Dance shoes are mandatory for rehearsals. Each team member must also purchase uniform dance shoes for performances. 


Costumes must be purchased for performances. Costumes may be custom made and the students are encouraged to contribute their ideas. Costumes will aim to be sexy but not too revealing so that everyone is comfortable. Midriffs will be covered. 



Dancers must wear athletic clothing to rehearsals that is easy to move in. Jeans are not allowed.

Movers and Shakers "swag" (a jacket and at least one shirt) must be purchased and worn at least one day each festival that team members attend and at each local performance.


It’s understandable that you may need to miss a rehearsal on occasion. Just make sure that rehearsals are always prioritized and you miss as few as possible. 



No partner needed. During rehearsals you will rotate and dance with most of your teammates. Closer to performance days, the coach will choose partners for the shows. The coach may change partners over time as well. The environment is cooperative and everyone is expected to be supportive of their teammates throughout the process.

Skill/Experience Requirement

Team Rehearsal:
Open level team: Tuesdays 8:00pm-9:45pm
Advanced team: Wednesdays 8:00pm-9:45pm

Practice Between Rehearsals:
Minimum 2 hours per week with at least 1 teammate. You may arrange your own schedules.

These practices help ensure that the team makes steady progress and are a terrific time for team bonding. You will log your practice sessions in a public document shared with the team to help everyone stay on track.

Practice Solo Between Rehearsals:
10 minutes per day (just 5 days per week). Exercises will be given for spinning, stretching etc.

9 months. February through November (ending around Thanksgiving time or right before).

"Practice shows" will be scheduled at social dance nights around Los Angeles throughout the year.

"Main" shows will be scheduled at salsa/bachata festivals throughout the year, including:

  • Los Angeles World Salsa Congress

  • Las Vegas Salsa/Bachata Super Congress

  • Los Angeles Summer Bachata Festival

One of our two other "main" shows will be scheduled around October/November as well.

​You may perform when you are ready. Not every dancer needs to perform in every show.


Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Atmosphere is welcoming and FUN. Don't worry about anything.  Just come enjoy!



The performance team price is about the same as any other Movers and Shakers program. 

1. Three payments (after trial day, then after four weeks and eight weeks): _

2. Two payments (after trial day, then after four weeks): _

3. Single full payment up front (after trial day): _

Payments are not pro-rated for missed rehearsals. If you know that you'll miss many rehearsals though, contact us to see what's possible.

Performers must also purchase the team costume and uniform shoes for shows. We do our best to keep costs down on these items.

Movers and Shakers "swag" (a jacket and at least one shirt) must be purchased and worn at local shows and at least one day each festival that team members attend.

  • It’s fun!

  • It’s challenging

  • It’s educational (you WILL become a better social dancer)

  • Try a new, unique experience

  • To step beyond their comfort zone and try something new

  • Camaraderie (many strong friendships made here!)

  • Strong feeling of belonging and pride

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