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Setting up the class attendance tracker application (web app)

Updated: Sep 6

Tracking attendance is one of the most important things that provides us valuable data so we know how effective and fun the classes are for the students. Low attendance count may mean:

  • the instructor's approach or teaching style should be improved

  • sense of community among the students isn't established yet

  • finding the location may be an issue

  • and many other possible reasons

On the other hand, high attendance count is an indicator that our students enjoy our programs.

This article serves as a guide for the operation support and student support specialist as they set up the attendance app which will be used by our instructors.


Adding Programs

1. Go to Zoho CRM and select the "Programs" module.

2. Add the new programs. Instead of entering the program records one by one, import an excel file with all the necessary information. Download this template and edit cells to match upcoming programs. Upload.

3. Once the program records are added, you may now go to our Attendance Management Tool. This is a password-protected page. Ask the password from the Manager.

4. Expand the "Add Programs" accordion tab and click "Program". Select the program name you want to add.

5. Fill out the "Starting Date", "Ending Date", and "Days Meet" fields. Important.

6. Next, select students that are enrolled (paid) for this program. If the student name is not yet in the selection, click "+ Add New" and create the student's profile.

7. Click "Add Class" button afterwards. Check if everything is correct by going to "View Summary" menu then expanding the "All Classes" accordion tab.


Adding Students

The best way to add students is to do Step #6 mentioned above to avoid duplicate entries. If for some reason you'll be using the "Add Students" form in the Attendance Management Tool, please follow the steps below.

1. You'll have to add students individually to the application. The good news is that each student name can be pulled from Zoho CRM in one click. Expand the "Add Students" accordion tab and click "Student Name".

2. Click "Student Name". A list of names will pop up. Select the student you want to add. Just check that you're not duplicating a record.

3. Choose whether the student you're adding is a "Lead" or a "Follow". Afterwards, click "Add Student".


Editing Program Details

1. Go to View Summary menu and expand the "All Classes" accordion tab.

2. Select the program that you want to edit.


Editing Student Details

1. Go to View Summary menu and expand the "All Students" accordion tab.

2. Make sure that the students' information are shown as "List".

3. Hover your mouse to the student you want to edit. Click the ellipses icon beside the student's name and then select "Edit" to update student record.

To know how to take attendance, go to this page.


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