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Preparing for enrollment season (planning and updating trackers)

Updated: Sep 6

When we plan the details of the next seasons early, we can market our programs better. Our student support specialist and operations support specialist prepare the website content, workbooks, calendars, and forms to ensure that management, instructors and the students are in sync.

The Director/Manager start planning for the next season around these dates:

Approx. Date



December 10

Around second week of December

​S1 of next year's program

February 11

Around second week of February


​April 21

Around third week of April


​July 23

Around third week of July


October 8

Around first week of October

S4.5 (5-week program)

Attendance Sheets
  1. Operations support to set up classes in our attendance tracking app.

  2. Operations support to duplicate the "Attendance Tracking Template" sheet to create fresh tracker for new programs. Hide the attendance sheets of programs already finished.

  3. Student support specialist to check the attendance sheets weekly so we won’t miss any names of paid students.

  4. Operations support to to link the attendance sheets to the correct programs in the menu list. The goal is every attendance sheet can be easily found in this menu page. Operations support to send instructors the link to Instructor Area in MaS website to see so they can prepare for new programs.

Master List
Google Calendar
Website and Registration Forms
Reviews from Re-enrollees


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