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Introduction to MaS

Watch this video: Introduction to MaS

Our Focus

What do you need to know and be familiarized with is of course, salsa and bachata. Please take time to watch a few videos of people dancing salsa, or people dancing bachata, and then you'll get the idea.

There are also types of salsa out there. There is salsa on one, and salsa on two.

Some people would approach us and ask for Colombian style, Cuban style, Miami style or New York style. What we offer is L. A. style and it is salsa on one.

If people ask us if we teach cha-cha or tango or foxtrot or whatever other dances there are, the answer is no. We focus on just salsa and bachata.

Class Levels

If you browsed the entire website, you will get a glimpse of what our students see whenever they find us.

So you'll see in the website that we have programs for 101 102 103. Those are actually class levels.

The 101 is perfect for people with zero experience. The whole 10-weeks program is designed for beginner which covers the basics, details, and foundations. So that means even students with two left feet will be able to dance after they finish the 101 program.

The 102 is for people who graduated from our 101 program. It is a direct progression of the 101 curriculum. People who also have some dancing experience (those who took at least 20 hours of structured classes in the past 6 months) are eligible to join.

The 103 is the course for those wanting to understand the wide variety of concepts underneath the patterns. Students in this level should already feel mastery of 101 foundations and some level of comfort with the 102 material. We don't focus on the foundations anymore, although we brush up the foundations from time to time. Intermediate patterns, techniques, and styling are taught here. Those with considerable outside experience who already have solid foundations may also join.

Group Programs

Group programs are 10 week-series for where we teach classes weeky by week. These classes are progressive because we want the students to really master the foundations.

Some people will ask is if it is OK to do a drop-in class. The answer is no. A drop-in means they'll just attend a single class without the intention of finishing the whole series afterwards. We don't allow it unless Danny, the academy director, sets an exception.

Performance Teams

Students who join the performance team learns a choreography over 6 months and have the opportunity to perform at night clubs around Los Angeles as well as salsa/bachata festivals in Los Angeles and in other cities & states.


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