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Creating Whatsapp groups

Updated: Sep 6

To connect students, the operations support specialist creates Whatsapp groups for them. This is done as we launch new group programs every season.

  1. Create Whatsapp group and name it in this format: LA-Bachata 101 Tues S2 2023

  2. Upload the MaS Star logo as icon for all new Whatsapp groups -

  3. Paste this in the Group Description: MEMBERS PAGE PASSWORD: mas2023 HOMEWORK: 1. Read the full page 2. Write in Whatsapp that you read it 3. Track your weekly practices there 😎😎😎

  4. Add all members to the group and make them admins.

  5. On your Whatsapp app mobile version, go to "Group Settings" and turn on "approve new participants."

  6. Update webpage and make sure the links and content are correct.

  7. Tell the instructor to encourage students to join our Whatsapp group by showing this QR code:

Watch this video to know how to create and add people to the groups.


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