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Synchronizing Zoho Contacts to your phone

Updated: Apr 5

Purpose of this is to easily identify the student we're interacting with over SMS. This also makes it easier to add students to Whatsapp group.

Student support specialist, operations support specialist, and manager shall:

  1. Download Google Contacts on your mobile device.

  2. Log into the account - get the password from the manager

  3. Go to Google Contacts Manager in your device and start sync.

  4. Make sure to sync regularly.

  5. Also, re-visit the Zoho CRM configuration from time to time to ensure Zoho is pushing information to Google Contacts.

How it works

Activate Zoho CRM Contacts for Google by going to Zoho CRM Settings, then select "Google" under Marketplace tab. Here is the direct link.

Authenticate the Google account you want to connect to Zoho CRM for contact sync.

Then apply the configuration settings below.

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