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Writing SEO-friendly articles

Updated: Sep 6

Here are some SEO Writing guidelines for our content writer:


  1. Use 40-60 characters for headline

  2. Use adjectives

  3. Check out headline templates

  4. Include numbers if appropriate

  5. Make sure to include keyphrase in headline

Meta Description:

  1. Keep under 115-150 characters (including spaces)

  2. Put keyphrase at the beginning of your sentence

  3. Make sure meta is unique for this specific post

Body Text:

  1. Establish a structure - make use of H1 and H2 headings where applicable

  2. Put keyphrases in the headings

  3. Use keyphrase until article has KW density between 1%-3%. To compute: total KW/total words

  4. Embed different materials such as videos, tweet, and others.

  5. Link to 2-3 pages outside our website, then 1-2 pages within our website.

  6. Set to Bold or Italicized keywords/phrases

  7. Check readability

  8. Length of article should be 600-1,200 words per post.

  9. Use Grammarly to proofread your work.


  1. Save images using filename that contains our keyphrase

  2. Put keywords in the "image alt text" (can be found in image settings)

  3. Always add caption to image.

Planning Process:

  1. Coordinate with Visibility Manager and check out Keywords Target and research relevant topics we can write about.

  2. Once you know the keyphrase, search in Google the keywords and visit the first 2-4 links. Scan and check which sentences/paragraphs you can use for your article that ChatGPT can rephrase. Also check the "People also search for" section in the search results.

  3. Apply SEO writing guidelines after you are done writing the article.

  4. Write draft and proofread. Publish.


It's helpful to have an SEO content plan. Format below.


  • - Images are optimized and with alt text?

  • - Keywords in the beginning of the meta title and description?

  • - Length of the article long enough?

  • - Content is structured? (with proper headings?)

  • - Enough external links?

  • - Enough internal links?

  • - Is URL slug optimized?

Watch these videos.


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