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Using to edit Movers and Shakers mobile app

Updated: 2 days ago

Bubble is a platform that enables non-programmers to build web and mobile applications. This is where we built our very own app, Movers and Shakers. It is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Intro to app
Build the app interface and make the design responsive
Add workflows, conditions and creating custom savepoints
Create and update the database
Integrate the app design, workflows and database
Explore plugins and settings
Deploy updates to live version of app

We've been working with a third-party developer to help us execute some complex features and to publish the app in playstores. Below are some videos he sent to walk us through some functionalities of the app that he set up himself.

Sync additional fields in Zoho CRM to Bubble
Post announcements using the mobile app


For further knowledge, kindly refer to Bubble Docs. In the event that management requests we contact a third-party developer to improve the app in ways beyond a non-programmer's capacity, you may contact Irfan Ahmad on Whatsapp at +92 345 2100192 or message him on his Upwork account.

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