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Working with contractors (US): W-9 and 1099 forms

We ask W-9 forms from contractors so we can get their information and we keep that so later, we can give them an IRS 1099 form. If they are paid more than $600, we are obligated to send 1099 form to contractors and to IRS. If less than $600, no need to send 1099 form to contractors and IRS.

Every January, we calculate total amount paid to instructors in 2023. Contractors do not include corporation or a business.

Instructors are contractors.

Some studio owners are contractors, some are not. If a studio Karin of D Dance Studio said she's not a corporation and just a DBA, so we will have to calculate also how much we paid her.

Other studios in Vegas or elsewhere maybe the same case.

Another IRS requirement is W-2, which is the form we need from employees. Movers and Shakers only have a single employee registered (which is Danny himself), as a legal requirement. Everybody else is a contractor.

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