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Updating performance teams page to have the "try a day free" buttons and flow

Updated: Sep 6

Performance team is a big commitment for both the academy and the students. The director personally checks the skill level of the students wanting to join the performance team, and the students also wants to feel out the rehearsals before officially joining. For this reason, we typically hold a free trial period for performance team prospects.

Before campaign for the performance team enrollment starts, the operations support specialist to update the website so we can enable registrations for free Day 1 trial of the rehearsal.

  1. Go to Jotform and update this form so it has the schedule of upcoming performance team rehearsals. This form is where interested students will register to try the teams for free.

  2. Enable the form.

  3. In the form settings, double check the autoresponder emails that students will receive after registering and also check the Thank You page. Ensure that it makes sense for performance team prospects.

  4. Make sure to create a copy of the Performance Teams Tracker Template in the Google Drive folder. Once copied, update the title.

  5. Get the link of the renamed tracker sheet and update the button link in the "Performance Team G Sheet" page in the website builder.

  6. After doing ALL above steps, go to the performance team full info page and create buttons that says "Try a day for free!" and button link should go to the Try a Day page. Place it below all "Enroll now for team" buttons except for the header and footer part.

  7. After first 4 weeks of rehearsals, remove all buttons and disable the form.


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