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Taking attendance of the group class using the web app (guide for instructors)

Updated: Sep 6

Before instructors start their class, they would be taking a roll call and take attendance.

Below are steps to take attendance of students.

1. Go to this link. If using mobile phone, please view it as "desktop site" and save it to your home screen (as shown in the video).

2. Select the date of the class you want to track attendance of.

3. Next, select the program.

4. A list of names of the enrolled students will pop up. Check the names of those who were present in class.

5. If there are other students present in class but not listed in the app, please write their name in the "Other Students in Class".

6. Click "Save Attendance" when done.

For video demonstration, please watch this.

To know how to set up attendance information, go to this page.


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