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Communicating with students (scenarios)

Updated: Sep 6

This document serves as a reference for student support specialist.

When a person can't confirm a time and date for private lessons

Response: Hey Andrew, sure. Here are the dates the studio is available. Which one should we lock in? Reason: Give the person a set of dates and times so they'll be the ones to choose instead of going back and forth.

We sent campaign SMS and asked them if they'd like the link for new programs. They said no.


Hey Justine! Appreciate the response. Just for feedback, is it because you're travelling in the summer? We might be able to suggest some workaround :)


We want to know the reason why they're no longer interested in joining our programs. Getting their feedback helps us learn more about our audience and also their needs. One example is that we received feedback from some students saying the room is small, the teacher is hard to hear/see, poor lead-follow balance. If the reason is out of our control, then we know it's not because of the quality of our programs why they left.

The person has a disability and wants to know if she can join the program still.

Response: Always forward to Danny. You can reply to the person that we want to make sure everybody's taken care of and that our academy director will reach out. Reason: There are certain disabilities that can still allow the person to dance. We don't want to immediately turn down a prospect. We want to make sure everybody's taken care of.

The person wants to know if they're qualified to join a specific program and/or wants 102 and up programs but they haven't talked with Danny yet.

Response: Forward to Danny always. You can reply to the person that our academy director will reach out. Reason: The best judge of skill levels will be Danny - not us.

The student registered but not yet paid and is hesitating before Day 1 because missing classes.


My husband and I signed up but didn't pay because we thought and now know we may have some dates that we can't make, so we're going to have to pass this time. Sorry. We're really bummed. Thank you.


Hey Kelly! Do you know which dates you'll be away? It's common for students to give us their travel date so we know if it makes sense for them to continue with class or not. We can also pro-rate since you know the dates you're missing.


They didn't say anything about a crisis or an issue (they just said they can't make it because some dates they won't be able to attend). This could mean they're not totally committed to joining us and are backing out last minute. We want them to feel confident about joining so instead of highlighting that they can't join, let's focus on finding a solution so they can join.

Previous student expressing their plan to register for next programs.


I am planning to sign up today!


Wooot! Here's the link to register:


Typically students wanting to enroll for 102 were past students of our 101 program so they already know the payment process and fees for card payment. No need to reiterate.


If they didn't register and pay, text: Hey {studentName}! Haven't seen your registration yet! Would you like the link to register or are you all set?

Prospect is asking for the price of the 10-week program.


What is the price for the 10 week course for salsa/bachata?


Hey Analuisa! Louise here. $399 covers the entire program. It comes out to about 20 per hour. Danny, our academy director, is the best person to talk to regarding our dance programs. I forwarded your information and he'll be calling you likely by tomorrow. :) Louise


As much as possible, we don't like to give details about pricing since it intimidates people. We'd like them to talk to Danny for all details. Since she asked, we can't ignore it so we always say "$399 covers the entire program. It comes out to about 20 per hour."

Student who enrolled and paid for group program doesn't feel good about being in a group setting. Wants a refund.


My husband and I attended the salsa 101 class last night. I enjoyed Danny and Marina, but it was too crowded for us. Would it be possible to pay for that one class but get a refund on the rest of the series? It's Gillian Ferguson and Jake Kean Mayman. Let me know and thanks!


Hi Gillian! Thanks for the feedback. Love when we hear from our students ways we can improve :) Typically Day 1 has higher attendance than future weeks, and the class tends to thin out over time. Our academy director is encouraging you and your husband to practice together at the privacy of your home with the recap video of the class yesterday. Then come to the next class as well. If after that one you still feel it's crowded, we can apply everything towards private lessons including from the first two classes you took. If you prefer refund, we'll deduct the cost of the first class only. How does that sound?


When we already have their payment, the last thing we want to do is refund. We don't do refunds unless in very special circumstances that Danny has given green light.

A student forgot their water bottle in the studio and wants to know if they can drop by tonight to get it.


Hi Louise! I'm part of the salsa 101 and forgot my water bottle in the room yesterday 😬 Is there a class tonight, and if so could i drop by to get my bottle back?


Hey Camille! Just saw this now. There's no class tonight - the next one will be on Sunday. 🙈 I'll go ahead and ask the Whatsapp group maybe somebody found it last night. Fingers crossed!


The spaces we use are rentals, not studio we own. We want to avoid deflecting their need by asking a question out of the blue like "Sure let me ask some people. By the way, class went great tonight, yes?". If they didn't like the class, she would've requested a refund already. We want make sure she feels heard (in this case, she's worried about her bottle), so we want to offer solutions as simple and quick as possible so we can eliminate that worry.

Student wants to order GFranco shoes with 10% discount.


Hello Louise. This is Priscila. 'Im in salsa 101. I wanted to purchase a pair of dance shoes from the website. How do I go about ordering with 10% discount. Thank you advance 😊


Hey Priscila,

Here's how to order shoes at a discount:

1. Choose your shoes at

2. Input your shipping address to check shipping price

3. Share with us the following:

⁃ Link to the shoes you’d like

⁃ The shoe models, quantity, and sizes

⁃ Shipping address

4. Venmo @moveshakedance or Zelle 310—595-4006 to us the amount of the shoe plus shipping amount. (Ignore sales tax. The 10% discount essentially zeroes it out). Alert Louise when it has been sent.

5. We will use our code to get the discount and have the shoes sent directly to you.

That's it. :)

A prospect is interested in the class but they notice it started already. Wants to know when the next one starts.

Message: I'm interested in your Salsa 101 class but notice it started June 27th. When might the next round of classes start?


Hey Miles!

Louise here. Correct, the first class started yesterday. Our next one is on July 4.

Registration for our next Salsa 101 program will open probably around September/October.

Our academy director, Danny, is the right person to talk to about the group programs. His number is 310 595 4006. What's the best number to reach you?



This lead didn't send their number. Our goal is to get that first. Forget encouraging them to register. When they speak with Danny over the phone, it's good as paid - he's that good hehe! Also we don't offer the class trial right off the bat - only when they ask. Same thing with prorating.

Prospect did a trial class and said that it went well.


It was good. I am trying to get better at bachata.. so it works out for me. I am going to continue to attend.


Love it! We don't have class on July 4th so week 2 will be on the 11th.

Link to register is here:

Will add you on Whatsapp after receiving registration


Send them the website for registration, and let them know what to anticipate next.

Prospect said they'd like to be in the waitlist for next program.


Hey Joey. Bachata 101 program starts on July 12. Are you coming to check out day 1? :)

Student informed they paid half now, and will send the second half in three weeks.


Hi! I'm going to pay half of my remaining balance ($150) today and I'll pay the other half next week via Venmo


Hey Kevin. Got your first payment. Balance for next week sounds good. 👌

Prospect says they're nervous about doing the group classes.


I'd like to see how are the classes 😁. I'm little bit nervous and Would like to see how ot works... And yes; I was thinking to take the 101 Program that start on July 12. Thank you!


We got you!! We can have you try the program for $20 deposit. If you love it, we'll apply the deposit towards your payment. Do you prefer Venmo or Zelle for that?

Previous student asked if they can try the first class of the program.

Message: Can I sign up for the first class of bachata 101 series?


Hey Andrew. Are you wanting to try the day 1 of bachata 101 before deciding to register for the full program?


Never assume. He didn't say it'll be a trial so we don't know if this is a drop-in (literally just one class) or a trial for him.


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