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Requesting a time off

Sometimes our members will have to take a time off. Of course we will not be against that. We don't want you to carry work wherever you go when you're supposed to be spending time for yourself/loved ones. We support that 100%.

Just come back to us recharged and ready to work.

  1. Dates you’ll be gone and date you’re ready to get back to work

  2. Your deadlines (tasks should be done in advance, or confirm with manager if deadline can be extended)

  3. Important meetings, if any, are postponed and communicated to the other party properly, or the meeting is endorsed to a teammate so they know how to proxy for you.

  4. Anything you need us to know

When to request
  • Notice should be given at least 2 weeks before your time off.

  • Time off shouldn’t overlap with our enrollment campaign season or tight project deadlines (unless there is someone who’ll cover for you)

In case of emergencies

If your child falls ill, there has been a death in the family, you’ll need to care for a sick family member, there is a major household issue, there’s severe weather, or other sudden major events, please inform Danny or Louise so they can sort out how we’ll cover for you. We want you to prioritize handling these emergencies and, of course, update us on how we can support you.


Special note

If you’re not taking the time off but you just want to do work outside of your regular workspace (let’s say a hotel, a café, or by the beach), inform Danny or Louise even if it will not affect your work hours. We’re not against working in a different environment - we only need to be aware that some things out of your control might happen. For example, if your internet connection gets interrupted, at least we’ll have an idea why you’re not online.


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