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Monitoring Student's Practice Sessions

Updated: Sep 7

When a student feels good about being a part of the MaS community, we see better re-enrollment numbers, better attendance records, and more students willing to write us a 5-star review.

A quick way to form a bond among our students (and to learn the dance skills faster) is to require them to set practice sessions outside class, minimum of 1 hour for group programs and 2 hours for performance teams. Each student in a group program must have a total of 9 hours of practice time.

Students log their practice times using this form.

The student support specialist should track the "Practice Sessions" module weekly and update the instructor of their practice times.

Tagging Students and Programs to the Practice Session record

  1. Go to "Practice Sessions" module in Zoho CRM. When the form is filled out and submitted, the list of students who logged their practice times and other relevant data will reflect in the module.

  2. You may filter the list by Program name or Student name.

  3. Click a Practice Session Record and make sure that "Linked to Program" and "Linked to Student" fields are filled out.

  4. To make sure all records are tagged to the right program and students, please use the pre-saved filter "Needs Tagging"


Creating the Practice Sessions Report per Program

  1. Go to Reports module and select the "Practice Session Reports" folder.

  2. Select the report "Practice Sessions"

  3. View the practice sessions reports here. You may filter by "Created Time" to see practice times logged within a specific period only.

  4. To view a chart only for a specific program, you may clone an existing report and edit the "Filters" to match the criteria of the program you want to view.

  5. Name the report then click "Save".

  6. Click the "Create Chart" button, select the type of chart you want to use. Assign data for your y-axis and x-axis. Click "Save".

  7. You're done!


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