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Monitoring attendance through Google Sheets

Updated: Sep 6


As of September 2023, we are using a web app developed through Zoho Creator to track attendance.

Below are steps we tell our newly onboarded instructors so they know how to track attendance of students.

  1. Please download “Google Sheets” on your mobile device.

  2. Ping the {experienceManager} on Whatsapp and send her your Gmail address. She’ll share with you the sheet you’ll be using to track attendance.

  3. Or visit this GDrive folder.

  4. In those sheets, you will see two lists: - Prospects Trying Class. These are potential students who are trying just one class to see if they’d like to join the full program. - Enrolled Students. These are students officially enrolled for the 10-week program.

  5. On the “Prospects Trying Class” list, you’ll give those people extra attention to make sure they’re enjoying and are taken care of. We want them to convert to fully paying students.

  6. For students who are officially enrolled, please make sure to do a roll call and mark their attendance every week before you start your class.


To VA, watch this video to see how to set up this sheet.


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