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Issuing refunds to students

Updated: Sep 6

It's very rare that we issue refunds to students. We only do this when Danny gave green light (only with his approval). Here are several scenarios a student support specialist may encounter:

  • the student will not be able to attend the program after we decided to postpone it/change location, and they specifically asked for refund

  • the student has a family member who died/got sick and can no longer attend, and they specifically asked for refund

  • the student has paid for a program that we eventually cancelled due to low number of enrollment

  • the student wants to drop out because he has change in work schedule, and they specifically asked for refund

We automatically issue refund when:

  • the student paid twice for a single program. The duplicate payment is returned. If the student paid through Stripe (bank card), we will deduct the 3% card processing fee from their refund amount.

  • the request is from Danny himself

We issue refunds through:

  • Venmo, if they sent payment using Venmo/Zelle/Cashapp

  • Stripe, if they paid through bank card

All refund request should be forwarded to the manager.


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