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Instructor Training

Updated: Mar 21

Movers and Shakers has a standard curriculum and teaching strategies that are collectively shared and followed by its instructors, accessible through the online instructor training program. This program contains all the strategies, goals, reminders, demo videos, and weekly lessons that they need to guide them on how they should facilitate their MaS programs.

Read this guide to access the online program.

Signing Up:

  1. Visit the instructor's area through this link.

  2. Click "Request to Join" and sign up with either your Google account or any email address and its password.

  3. After sending the request, please text the admin at +1 310 598 1852 to grant you access.

  4. You will receive a notification via email, or you can revisit the link above to access the training materials.

Accessing the Curriculum:

The curriculum serves as a guide for MaS instructors on what to teach weekly. MaS instructors must sign up for the instructor training program before gaining access to the curriculum. Access to each curriculum program is limited only to its corresponding program instructor.

To access your program's curriculum, navigate to Logistics > Logistics > Curriculums, and click on your class.

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