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Adding attendance records to Zoho CRM

Updated: Jun 10

Class attendance is a powerful predictor of student's willingness to give us a review, and also re-enrollment outcomes. Based on previous seasons, classes with irregular attendance tell us whether students will drop out of the program before graduation.

The attendance records also reflect the quality of the student's experience with our instructors, curriculum, location and other considerations. They surely wouldn't miss a class if it's the best part of their week.

Instructors take attendance using our Web App. The records, however, aren't integrated to our CRM. It's important to update a student's attendance to their CRM profile as it gives us better picture of our academy's relationship with that individual student. Also, this allows us to easily generate reports.

Below is the student support specialist's step-by-step guide in adding attendance records to our CRM.

  1. Go to the Zoho Creator link of our Attendance Web App. Please make sure you're logged into Zoho using email.

  2. Select Attendance Summary.

  3. Select the class dates that you want to add to CRM.

  4. Click Export button and select "XLS".

  5. On the pop-up window, make sure all columns/fields are selected. Click "Export" button. The excel file will save to your local computer.

  6. Go to Zoho CRM and view the "Attendance Log" module.

  7. Click the arrow next to the "Create Attendance Log" button. It's located on the upper right side.

  8. Select "Import Attendance". Upload the excel file. Once uploaded, click "Next". If Zoho CRM asks you about adding records, updating records, or both, select "adding records" if there are existing records in the CRM and you're only adding dates which have never been added to CRM before.

  9. Now you'll map the columns to our CRM fields. Typically everything is automatically mapped except for "ProgramID" field. Map it to Linked to Program > Program ID . Afterwards, go to "Assign Default Value" next to the "Field Mapping" tab. From the dropdown menu, select "Stage" and then select "Default".

  10. On the next page, check "Assign owner based on assignment rules" and select "Attendance Assigned to Support".

  11. Click Finish.

  12. Wait for the file to successfully import. Afterwards, fill out the "Week Number" column of the newly added records.

  13. You're done! Go to Reports module > Attendance Reports folder to monitor attendance.

Importing Attendance Log Records

Attendance Log Report Screenshot

This video shows a demonstration on how to upload attendance records if no previous attendance log record has been added to CRM yet. Re-check steps in this article to see how to log new records to CRM when previous attendance records have been uploaded.

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