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Sending real-time and scheduled mass/one-on-one SMS using Telnyx in Zoho CRM

Updated: Sep 6

Student support specialist is in charge of sending mass SMS to students during campaigns and off-campaign season. Please watch these videos to see how to use Telnyx in Zoho CRM.

Use Telnyx in Zoho CRM

Send mass SMS in real-time

Select multiple users in the Student Module then click the button "Send Bulk SMS - Telnyx".

Telnyx detects all phone numbers in a student profile - so always double check the recipient numbers that were pulled by Telnyx. Make sure that "partner's mobile", "gifter's mobile" and "telephone numbers" are removed.

To make the message personal, you may also add pre-defined fields.

Send one-on-one SMS in real-time

Go to the profile of the student you want to send a message to and click "Send SMS - Telnyx" button to initiate SMS sending.

Make sure Telnyx detects the correct number in the student profile. The number should be 100% correct if it says "(mobile)".

Send scheduled SMS (either bulk or one-on-one)

Fill out the highlighted fields to activate message scheduling. You can set this up using the "mass update" feature if scheduling a message in bulk or editing the individual student record.

These messages are scheduled through below workflow.

Get notified when CRM receives inbound SMS

Go to Telnyx Message History module and check the "Unread Messages" filter located on the left sidebar of the CRM.

Mark SMS as read


Use the "mass update" feature to mark multiple messages as read.


All outbound messages are automatically marked as read through below workflow.

To edit the back-end setup of Telnyx account, login to


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