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Hiding Pages from Google in Wix Editor

Updated: Jun 10

Typically, we only want the homepage to show when we publish a website (just like what we did for Movers and Shakers).

Destination Pages

We hide pages from Google Search - pages such as Payment Pages, Confirmation Pages, Upsell Pages, Promotional Pages, Form Pages. It won't make sense for people to access these pages without going through the homepage first.

So if you're a VA who's been assigned to hide pages from Google, here's a video on how to hide those webpages in Wix.

Blog Pages

Step 1. Go to the correct website, select "Marketing & SEO" and click "SEO".

Step 2. Under Tools and Settings, click "SEO Settings" and choose "Blog Posts".

Step 3. Under the "Edit by Post" tab, you'll find the list of all our posts. Select articles you want to hide from Google by ticking the check box. Click "Set Indexable Status" and choose "Block Indexing".

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