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Booking, getting in and locking up the studio

Updated: 4 days ago

When the student support specialist onboards new instructors, they will need to know how to get into the studio and turn on the lights, the sound system and unlock the bathroom. They will also need to know how they should leave the place since some studios have a front desk, while most studios don't.

Here are the studios we use and guide on how to operate them.

Los Angeles
The Balcony on Beverwil


9618 W Pico Blvd Suite 507, Los Angeles, CA 90035

The code for the lock box to get the keys is: 1803 . Lights on the left side of the wall at the entrance just pull up all of them.

How to find the studio:

Watch this video.

Take the elevator to the top and the studio is up there.

Parking is free in the structure. No need to download the parking app.

How to book:

Text Karin Waizman, studio owner, at +1 (818) 943-3978. See previous SMS correspondence to see how it's done.

As of date of writing, Danny and Karin have a special agreement that's why we are able to book their space at a very good price. We try our best to always book their studio. We pay all our bookings at the end of the month.

ViBE Dance Studio
West LA Academy of Dance
The Floor Studio


Las Vegas

Unspoken Studio

Address: 1519 W. Oakey Las Vegas NV 89102

How to book:

Go to


Basically, they just ask us to keep the studio clean, no food and drinks. Preferably water bottles. I believe there's signs on the mirrors stating not to touch.

Millennium Dance Complex Las Vegas

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