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Getting in and locking up the studio

Updated: Sep 6

When the operations support specialist onboards new instructors, they will need to know how to get into the studio and turn on the lights, the sound system and unlock the bathroom. They will also need to know how they should leave the place since some studios have a front desk, while most studios don't.

Here are the studios we use and guide on how to operate them.

Los Angeles
ViBE Dance Studio


2939 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

How to find the studio:

Watch this video.

The Floor Studio
D Dance Spot


Las Vegas

B2B Studio


1516 S Main Street Las Vegas NV 89104

How to open and close the studio:

1. Go to the corner of La Marre Theatre (unit 1510).

2. You'll see a lockbox there. Open it using the code given to you.

3. Get the key for unit 1516 (that's B2B Rental Studio) and close the lockbox.

4. There is no person at the front desk so you'll be turning on the lights and the air conditioning.

5. After that, when you're done with the lesson, return the key to the lockbox.

Unspoken Studio


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