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Encouraging enrolled students to finish the season strong

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

One of the challenges we encounter when running a 10-week program is getting the students to show up weekly. From previous seasons, we see a large drop-off in attendance from Week 5 onwards.

Life happens, and priorities may shift so as an academy, we want to keep the student's momentum going. After all, it is our mission to make dancing the best part of their week.

Below are message templates that our student support specialist sends, according to our timeline as programs progress.

Morning of their Week 5 class:

Week 5 tonight. Wooot! We're almost halfway through the program

Let’s make this a great season 💪


Night before their Week 7 class:

Time flies so fast - we're down to our last 4 classes?! 😱

Everyone please show up! Class is more fun when we're complete!


Night before their Week 9 class (if Director/Manager already scheduled the 102 on the same timeslot next season):

Week 9 tomorrow!

We will start {Salsa 102} immediately after {Salsa 101} and in this same time slot to make it as easy as possible for you to continue.

Salsa 102 is built for you and a direct progression of 101. We’ll need most of the class to graduate into 102 to make it happen.

Let's finish strong!

(send after posting msg above)

By the way, registration for new programs is open! Link here:

Hope to see as many of you as possible! 🙌

Night before their Week 9 class (if Director/Manager has not yet scheduled the 102 for next season):

Everyone be sure to show up tomorrow. Two remaining classes this season! 😎

Let's finish strong!

Morning of Week 10 class


We’ve got certificates for you. Everyone see you tonight 🥳


Day after Week 10 class

Congratulations {Salsa 102} graduates!\ 🎓 You've made a lot of progress over the past weeks!

This Whatsapp group chat will stay active for coordinating social activities. Of course, you're ALWAYS welcome at MaS events and parties! Would be fun to keep hanging with you all 😉

(send after posting msg above)

If you haven't yet, go check out full info of our new programs! Registration is already open:

We encourage everyone to continue right away while the material is fresh in their bodies! 💃🕺

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