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Creating the post-program re-enrollment report using Zoho CRM

Updated: Sep 6

The director and manager will need to see how many people are re-enrolling to the program's direct progression (101 graduates to 102, and 102 to 103) or trying another type of dance (if they're salsa students, they might enroll to bachata and not continue salsa at all).

We want to make sure everybody stays with Movers and Shakers. Knowing the re-enrollment numbers of MaS graduates help us plan better our retention strategies. The operation support specialist shall do the following:

To gather this data:

1. Go to Zoho CRM and select the "Reports" module.

2. On the left sidebar, go to "Student Reports" folder.

3. Clone these three existing reports:

  • RE-ENROLLED FOR 102: {program name}

  • RE-ENROLLED, NOT 102: {program name}

  • NO RE-ENROLLMENT: {program name}

4. Update the report name and description as well. Make sure to add the reports to the same folder.

5. Adjust the filters of each cloned report to match the program you want to base the report on. Then click "Save".

6. Once done editing the three cloned reports, open any of these reports.

7. Click "Edit".

8. Click the "Joined Report" link beside the report name.

9. Add the two other reports you cloned and save the joined report.

10. Rename the joined report in this format: Post-program Summary: {program name}

11. Paste below text in the description box. Edit as needed.

This report identifies the 101 graduates who:

(1) Re-enrolled for 102

(2) Re-enrolled to another MaS program

(3) Did not re-enroll at all

12. Edit the joined report again. On the left sidebar, empty the "Row Groups" and for each of the report, remove all "Columns" except for the "Student Name" field.

13. Save the joined report.

14. Take a screenshot of the joined report and send it to the director/manager when needed.

Filters Used

Students Continuing Direct Progression of Their Program
Students Continuing But Different Program
Students Not Continuing At All

Reports Name and Description

NO RE-ENROLLMENT: {full program name}
RE-ENROLLED, NOT 102: {full program name}
RE-ENROLLED FOR 102: {full program name}


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