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Creating redirects on Wix

Updated: 3 days ago

Redirects send users from one URL to another. The first URL is the one the user clicked, typed in, or otherwise requested. The second is the new destination URL.

Below are steps to create redirects on Wix:

  1. Create first the website with the URL slug you want to redirect from.

  2. Follow our web layout format for redirect pages (layout sample below) then publish page afterwards.

  3. Go to Marketing & SEO tools in your website’s admin panel.

  4. Select URL Redirect Manager.

  5. Select + New redirect.

  6. Add the old URL you want to redirect from, below the Old URL.

  7. Type the URL path of your new page and select it from the dropdown list.

  8. Click Save & Close or Save & Add Another to create more redirects.


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