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Booking a student for private lesson (other academies - not Los Angeles)

Updated: Sep 6

Student support specialist should know what to do when students ask about private lessons – price, schedule, location, duration, and instructor, etc. - and help them book a session/package. Confirm the studio and instructor availability. Connect them with the instructor and make sure the session went well afterwards.


We offer private salsa/bachata lessons and the inquiries typically come from:

  • Engaged couple wanting to learn a salsa/bachata choreography for their wedding dance

  • Someone from another state/country who’s visiting the area and wants to get busy/social

  • A student enrolled to our group program, missed a couple of classes and wants to catch up

  • A student who’s joining the group program mid-season and wants to catchup before jumping into class

  • A very shy student who wants to learn in their own pace before joining the group programs

It is very likely that the remote assistant will be assigned up to 3 academies, so be very careful when introducing yourself to the student and the instructor. Make sure you tell them you’re from {NameOfCity} Salsa and Bachata Dance Academy. Example you’re assigned to support students for our academy in Las Vegas, you should say you’re from Las Vegas Salsa and Bachata Dance Academy.


Tools and Permissions:

For this task, you’ll need the access to the following:

  • Google Calendar of each instructor and academy programs (give your Gmail address to Louise/manager so she can share it with you). Make sure to have the “make changes and manage sharing” access to all the calendars. You’ll have multiple calendars: one per instructor. 

  • A Google Voice account for SMS messaging

  • Access to email

  • The PDF/JPG file of our private lessons info sheet. This will be shared to your Dropbox account.



1. When you receive an SMS message from a lead or a student asking about private lessons, first thing that the remote assistant should do is to ask the availability of the instructor. If the student has a time and day in mind, ask the instructor if those times are open.

Real-life example:

Hey Mayra! Leriza here with Las Vegas Academy (with Danny Kalman, Louise). We have a couple visiting Vegas on August 8-9 and they're wanting a double session (private lesson). Are you in town on those days?

(she said she is available on August 8 at 5pm)

Perfect. Thanks Mayra! I'll confirm with the studio if space is available and let you know when the student locks in the session. :)

2. Afterwards, ask the studio if those times are available.

Real-life example:

Hey Enrique! We have a student who wants to do private lesson on August 8th at 5pm to 6:30pm. Is the space available?

(he said studio is available)

Great! I'll confirm the session with the student and then get back to you about the booking. Thank you!

3. If the instructor and studio are both available, inform the student about the earliest time and day we can schedule them for a session. Afterwards, send them the info card sheet so they have all the needed details.

Real-life example:

Hey Antony! The instructor and the space are available on August 8th at 5pm to 6:30pm. I sent you the full info for the lesson. Do you prefer Venmo or Zelle for that?

4. Secure their payment.

5. When payment is sent, please inform the studio that we are booking the time slot.

Real-life example:

Hey Enrique - we're booking the timeslot. We'll send the payment on August 6th. Thanks!

6. Inform the instructor also that the student confirmed.

Real-life example:

Hi Mayra! Student confirmed. I'll connect you to them now!

7. Connect the instructor and the student through an SMS group chat.

Real-life example:

Hi Antony! This is Leriza with The Las Vegas Salsa and Bachata Dance Academy. You're all set for the private lesson (double session) on Tuesday, 8/8, at 5pm with your instructor Mayra.


B2B Studio

1516 S Main Street Las Vegas NV 89104

Parking in the back of the studio. You can open the back door (if closed). When you arrive, please message this text thread so you can connect with Mayra.

Please confirm you've received this SMS :)

(send another SMS to this group chat)

Hi Mayra! Antony and his partner are wanting to do salsa for the first 45 minutes and bachata for the rest of the lesson. Antony has no dancing experience, while his partner can dance. They're visiting from Texas and will only be in Vegas for three days.

Please take care of them 🙏

8. Update the shared calendar.

9. Inform Louise to send payment to the studio 2 days before the booked date.

Real-life example:

Hey Louise - please send Enrique $40 for the studio rental for double sessioon on August 8th at 5pm to 6:30pm. Thank you!


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