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Adding/editing a module field in Zoho CRM

Updated: Sep 6

There are occasions when the support specialist will have to edit/add more options in the CRM record to maximize the filter feature in Zoho CRM.

One common instance of this is when we send an SMS blast and we want to mark those people who already got the message so we can exclude them for the next batch of text message. What we do is add another option in the dropdown field "Last Info Blast Sent".

To do this:

  1. Go to the settings > "⚙️" icon at the top right corner.

  2. Under Customization section, click "Modules and Fields"

  3. Select "Students" module.

  4. Select "Standard" layout.

  5. To add a field: Drag fields from the left sidebar and drop them to their respective sections. Rename.

  6. To edit a field: Click the three-dots icon. Select "Edit Properties"


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