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Student Spotlight:

Yuichiro Oku

Salsa Student

Yuichiro (Yui) signed up for salsa dancing in Los Angeles to try something new and exciting. He loves the fun and friendly vibe at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy. Always eager to improve, Yui practices with his classmates regularly. He enjoys lively student parties and social dances, where everyone has a blast together. 

Yui shares his salsa dance journey through the following interview questions.

Yuichiro Oku

1. What inspired you to take salsa lessons here in Los Angeles? 

I wanted to get out of my comfort zone! 

2. When you've felt like you couldn't keep up with the pace of a salsa class, what steps did you take to catch up and feel more comfortable? 

I went to the practice session and practiced with classmates. 

3. What's your favorite song to dance salsa to, and what makes this song special to you? 

"Fragilidad." It has a calm and smooth vibe. 

4. How would you describe the atmosphere and community at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? 

Super fun and good vibes! 

5. What’s a favorite memory bonding with your classmates outside of salsa class? What made it special? 

Movers and Shakers party and social dancing! 


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