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Student Spotlight:

Won Kim

Salsa Student

Won’s love for all forms of dance led him to explore salsa, which quickly became his favorite. Initially, he found partnering and leading challenging but through persistent practice, he has greatly improved. He loves bonding with his classmates through social dancing, deepening their connections outside of class. Salsa has brought fun, fitness, and meaningful connections into his life.  

Won shares his dance journey through the following interview questions.

Won Kim

1. How did your interest in salsa dancing begin? 

I love all forms of dancing but salsa was most interesting to me at this moment. 

2. What moment at a Movers and Shakers salsa class made you feel out of your comfort zone? How did you handle it, and what did you learn from that experience? 

Partnering up and leading smoothly. I just kept on practicing and things are getting smoother. 

3. In what ways has dancing salsa improved your life in general? 

More fun, great workout, body awareness, and connection with others. 

4. How is your overall experience with the dance instructors and the teaching methods at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? 


5. What’s a favorite memory bonding with your classmates outside of salsa class? What made it special? 

Social dancing with classmates and getting into the groove, and also getting to know more about them!  

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