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Student Spotlight:

Melissa Viesca

Salsa and Bachata Student

Melissa started her dance journey with salsa, a style she felt comfortable with from her upbringing. Initially hesitant about bachata, she focused on building her confidence through salsa. Now, Melissa is passionate about dancing and enjoys the supportive environment at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy.

Melissa shares her dance journey through the following interview questions.

Melissa Viesca

1. Did you choose to take salsa classes or bachata classes first, or both at the same time? How come? 

I took salsa first because it was what I was most exposed to growing up. I had taken several introductory salsa classes at random points in my life but never improved because they weren't consecutive classes. Bachata looked intimidating and a bit too close for comfort, so I didn't want to start that way. 

2. At this point in your dancing journey, do you think you’ll go farther with salsa or with bachata, or equally far in both? How come?

I think I will go farther with salsa. I enjoy the music better and I think it might be easier to find salsa dancing while traveling the world, especially in Colombia which I really want to visit. 

3. When you make mistakes in your salsa and bachata classes, how do you deal with them? 

I usually just apologize to my partner and laugh about it and quickly stop and reset to try again. 

4. What's your favorite salsa or bachata song to dance to, and what makes it so special for you? 

I love the salsa remix of "Volare" because it was the song that was played when I went on the hot air balloons over the pyramids in Mexico, so every time I hear it I remember that special trip. 

5. Based on your salsa and bachata learning experience at Movers and Shakers, what advice would you give to someone considering learning salsa or bachata? 

If you're lonely, burnt out, and disconnected from your body, salsa and bachata classes are the perfect way to reinvigorate your life. You connect with your body, you connect with other people physically in a safe platonic way, and you meet other nice people who you have fun learning with. 

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