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Student Spotlight:

Megan Garcia

Salsa Student

Megan is one of our versatile students who has a background in other dance genres. She decided to sign up for the academy’s beginner salsa 101 program to expand her dance repertoire. Learning how to dance salsa has allowed her to meet people, make memories, and learn in a fun and safe environment filled with good vibes.

Megan shares her salsa dance journey through the following interview questions.

Megan Garcia

1. How did your interest in salsa dancing begin? 

I used to dance (ballet, modern, jazz) and I always wanted to learn social dancing. 

2. What's the most hilarious or embarrassing moment you've experienced on the salsa dance floor or in class? 

Felix (fellow classmate) likes to tell dad jokes every time you partner with him, it's lame but also funny. 

4. How do you deal with mistakes while learning to dance salsa? 

Just keep moving and step back on the 1! It's easy to correct yourself when you know the timing of the music. 

4. In what ways has dancing salsa improved your life in general? 

I asked my friend to sign up with me so I didn't have to go by myself but she wasn't able to and I decided to go solo. It has been a really great experience and I have gained a lot of confidence by doing this experience by myself. I have also met some really cool people! 

5. How would you describe the atmosphere and community at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? 

GOOD VIBES ALL AROUND! You will learn really good clean salsa technique in a safe environment while also having a lot of fun! 

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