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Student Spotlight:

Marianne Simon

Salsa and Bachata Student

Marianne started her dance journey with salsa and eventually learned bachata. She now loves both styles, enjoying the high energy of salsa as well as the slower, more sensual feel of bachata. Marianne values the supportive community at the academy, where she continues to improve her skills and fuel her passion for dance.

Marianne shares her dance journey through the following interview questions.

Marianne Simon

1. Did you choose to take salsa classes or bachata classes first, or both at the same time? How come? 

I initially started with salsa because I didn't really know that bachata was a 'thing.'


2. How do you feel when dancing salsa and how do you feel when dancing bachata? 

People ask all the time if I have a preference. I love them both and they are different. Salsa feels exciting, lots of energy, flirty and sassy. In the beginning, it felt like my brain had to work a little harder to understand it. I also really enjoy bachata as it is slower, I can sink into the music a little more, take my time with it and the challenge of the isolations, the sensuality. Very fun. 


3. When you've felt like you couldn't keep up with the pace of a class, what steps did you take to catch up and feel more comfortable? 

There were definitely frustrating times, especially with salsa - the footwork, the timing. Holding on too tightly, couldn't get my turns (still struggle with some of that!). The outside of class practices helped tremendously. Figuring it out with another student, watching the videos, practicing on my own, letting go of perfectionism, remembering I was doing this because I wanted to have fun, and coming to class. Not letting my frustration be the reason I stopped trying. 


4. If you had to choose between salsa and bachata to dance forever, which would you pick and why? What draws you to that style? 


That is a really hard one. I guess if forever, it would be bachata. The music is so much fun. I love the intimacy and sensuality, the sense of being able to 'sink' into the music because it is a bit slower. 


5. Based on your salsa and bachata learning experience at Movers and Shakers, what advice would you give to someone considering learning salsa or bachata? 

I love Movers and Shakers. I really appreciate that they are progressive classes. I started out as a very beginner, and now a year later, I'm better.  


There is also the camaraderie that evolves as you make your way with other students, practicing together and it's a really special blend of fun with technique. They break things down, they take the time. The feedback is always constructive and positive. I'd recommend these classes to anyone interested in learning to dance. 

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