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Student Spotlight:

Kendall Watanabe

Sala and Bachata Student

Kendall began exploring bachata in Hawaii in 2018 and joined Movers and Shakers in Los Angeles in 2022. She enjoys the technical challenges of salsa and the intricate patterns of bachata, and loves dancing both styles with her partner. Since joining the academy, she has made lasting friendships and feels part of a supportive and passionate dance family. 

Kendall shares her dance journey through the following interview questions.

Kendall Watanabe

1. Did you choose to take salsa classes or bachata classes first, or both at the same time? How come? 

I chose bachata classes first. I first started my bachata journey in Hawaii in 2018 and fell in love with it. When I moved to Los Angeles in 2022, I wanted to continue to dance, and found Movers and Shakers right away. Have been dancing here ever since! 


2. How has the learning curve been for you with salsa vs. Bachata? 


Salsa is definitely harder to learn (because the fundamentals are so technical) but much easier to master. On the other hand, I find bachata is easier to learn, but can get harder over time, as the patterns get more challenging, and small nuances in the dances matter so much more. But both are incredibly enjoyable and provide an exciting challenge! 


3.  At this point in your dancing journey, do you think you’ll go farther with salsa or with bachata, or equally far in both? How come? 


Personally, I identify as a bachata loyalist (had only danced bachata for 6 years). But when social dancing, it definitely heavily favors salsa so I felt it was necessary to learn both. My partner and I now take both salsa and bachata at Movers and Shakers and love them both equally and plan on continuing both, as they work in tandem when going social dancing. 


4. If you had to choose between salsa and bachata to dance forever, which would you pick and why? What draws you to that style? 


Bachata for sure, because the music is so captivating, and I really enjoy the sensual aspects of the dance, especially when dancing with my partner who also takes Mover and Shakers classes with me! 


5. How is your overall experience with the instructors and teaching methods at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? 

Having danced bachata since 2018 (7 years), I can confidently say that my experience at Movers and Shakers has been the best experience compared to all the other studios I've ever danced with.  


Danny, the academy instructor, does an incredible job of fostering community here at Movers and Shakers. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2022, Movers and Shakers students had comprised a vast majority of my closest friends, and I'm so happy to be part of this passionate and dedicated community of dancers who really feel like family to me! 

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