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Student Spotlight:

Kate Scarpetta

Salsa & Bachata Student

Kate brings her lively energy to both our salsa and bachata programs at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy. For her, dancing is a fun way to shake things up and enjoy herself. Kate thrives in the lively atmosphere of our classes, where she's formed lasting friendships and found a supportive community. Whether she's leading in salsa or grooving to her favorite bachata tunes, Kate's passion for dance is undeniable.

Kate shares her salsa and bachata dance journey through the following interview questions.

Kate Scarpetta

1. What inspired you to start learning salsa and bachata? 


I got dumped by a Dominican and needed a way to get out of the house. 

2. How do you feel when dancing salsa and how do you feel when dancing bachata? 

With salsa, as a lead, I feel very much in my head and I feel like the songs are too long. With bachata, I feel more confident and free. I think I also like the music better. I do enjoy following in salsa though. 


3. When you've felt like you couldn't keep up with the pace of a class, what steps did you take to catch up and feel more comfortable? 


It was totally on me that I fell behind in salsa. In bachata, I found it easier to make friends, so I had someone outside our Friday practice to dance with. In salsa, everyone was friendly but I didn't get a practice buddy. 

4. What's your favorite salsa or bachata song to dance to, and what makes it so special for you? 

"Mentiras" by Tony J because it describes my feelings towards a girl ;) and because the song has great energy! I also love "Me Enamoré" by Prince Royce. 

5. How would you describe the atmosphere and community at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? Is there a difference between the salsa and bachata students? 

Salsa people are more serious. I laugh more in bachata class— maybe because the sensual moves get people to open up faster. I love the friends I've made dancing. 

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