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Student Spotlight:

Julia Turock

Salsa Student

Salsa has profoundly impacted Julia's life since she moved to Los Angeles. Wanting to meet new people, she started salsa classes with Movers and Shakers. Dancing helped her make new friends and provided a fun way to socialize. She loves salsa dancing so much that she even found herself dancing in another country during her travels.

Julia shares her salsa dance journey through the following interview questions. 

Julia Turock

1. What inspired you to take salsa lessons here in Los Angeles? 

I had always been interested in taking a salsa class, but had been too busy with work. When I moved to Los Angeles for a new job, I had more time and wanted to meet new people so it was the perfect time to take a salsa class! 


2. In what ways has dancing salsa improved your life in general? 

I started taking salsa classes with Movers and Shakers a few months after I moved to Los Angeles without knowing anyone in the city. Dancing salsa has allowed me to meet so many people, some who have become close friends that I hang out with regularly outside of class! There is also a social somewhere in the city every day of the week, so if I don't have plans, I know I can always go out dancing if I want to get out of the house! 


3. What’s a time you found yourself unexpectedly dancing salsa in a unique or unusual place. Where were you, and how did it go down? 


I went to Japan for two weeks while I was taking salsa 102b in Movers and Shakers. I found a salsa class and social in Tokyo. It was at a tiny bar and I was the only non-local person at the class. The class was in Japanese, but all the moves were the same and most of the moves had the same name still so I was able to follow the class.  


Everyone wanted to dance with me since I was new there and we all took a picture together at the end of the social! It was so fun and I will definitely seek out salsa classes and socials as I continue my travels! It's awesome that you can find salsa anywhere in the world! 


4. When you've felt like you couldn't keep up with the pace of a salsa class, what steps did you take to catch up and feel more comfortable? 

This past season I had to miss a few classes in a row for work and vacation and when I got back I definitely felt behind. I arranged to meet up with someone from class to practice and also went to the Friday group practices to get caught back up! 


5. How is your overall experience with the dance instructors and the teaching methods at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? 

I have loved the experience of taking class with Movers and Shakers. There is a great focus on technique that I really appreciate. The teachers have all been friendly, supportive, and helpful. I also really like the structure of the 10-week season so you can get to know the people in your class and everyone is at about the same level, which isn't always the case when you go to drop-in classes. 

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