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Student Spotlight:

Diana Olivo

Bachata Student

Meet Diana, one of our incredible students from the academy’s bachata 101 program. Inspired by Los Angeles' amazing dance scene, Diana discovered her passion for bachata in the city, and we are thrilled to have her as part of our community. Beyond the dance floor, Diana has formed new friendships and enjoys fun nights out dancing with her classmates. 

Diana shares her bachata dance journey through the following interview questions.

Diana Olivo

1. What inspired you to take bachata lessons here in Los Angeles? 

LA brings people from all over the world and offers some of the best dance instructors with world-class experience. As such, I thought I should take advantage of the opportunity to start Latin dance classes while living in such a culturally diverse and robust city. 

2. How do you deal with mistakes while learning to dance bachata? 

I ask questions and reinforce what I learn by re-watching the videos and practicing as much as possible. Also, I just laugh through the mistakes because it is all a learning experience. :)  

3. What’s a favorite memory bonding with your classmates outside of bachata class? What made it special?  

I would say going out social dancing as a group. The first bonding memory I appreciated was at the academy’s Welcome Party.  

It was the first time we were able to get to know one another outside of a class setting which was pleasurable. I definitely have made some unexpected wonderful friends which makes it very special just outside of dancing in itself. 

4. In what ways has dancing bachata improved your life in general?  

It has helped me to get out of my comfort zone, challenge me to grow, spark my love for dance again and meet new people. I am forever grateful I took the leap of faith to join this program. 

5. How would you describe the atmosphere and community at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? 

The atmosphere and community at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy is the absolute best! It can be nerve-racking to start something new or join a new community but trust me, you will not regret it! All of the instructors and members are so welcoming and loving. They make you feel right at home and are willing to help in anyway that they can. They care about you as a person and there is no judgement I have ever faced while in this program.  

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