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Student Spotlight:

Caitlin Molina

Bachata Student

Caitlin’s love for bachata began with the music she enjoyed with her dad. With a lifelong passion for Latin music, she sought to improve her dance skills and found the perfect fit in Movers and Shakers Dance Academy’s progressive programs. Her friendly smile and infectious energy light up every class, making her a cherished member of the academy. 

Caitlin shares her bachata dance journey through the following interview questions.

Caitlin Molina

1. How did your interest in bachata dancing begin? 


Growing up, I listened to a lot of music in Spanish with my dad, including bachata (Prince Royce, anyone?). I knew the basic steps, but I wanted to be able to better hold my own when partner dancing. I'm so grateful to have found Movers and Shakers and for their comprehensive, progressive style of teaching. 


2. When you've felt like you couldn't keep up with the pace of a bachata class, what steps did you take to catch up and feel more comfortable? 


I missed three weeks of class in a row due to a few last-minute work commitments. Thankfully, the Movers and Shakers community is so tight-knit that I felt comfortable asking one of my classmates to go over the material in-person with me before class. My classmates also sent me the videos of what we learned when I was out so I could keep up with the class. Practice—whether with a partner or on your own—is so key! 


3. What’s a favorite memory bonding with your classmates outside of bachata class? What made it special? 


Danny (Academy Director) took the beginner's bachata class to Blen Blen for our first group social outing. I've been social dancing before, but it was so fun to not only see some of my classmates experience it for the first time but also apply all our hard work and see how much we could do. 


4. What's your favorite song to dance bachata to, and what makes this song special to you? 


My (current) favorite bachata song has been "X Amada" for quite some time. Just about every time it plays and I'm dancing with someone, I end up getting serenaded. Prince Royce just released a new album though, so it could change! 


5. How would you describe the atmosphere and community at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? 


I have never felt like a studio as a whole is so warm and inviting. The community at Movers and Shakers is truly special. I'm so impressed that Danny learns everyone's names so quickly, and he and Inna both seem so genuinely excited to see everybody at class. 

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