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Student Spotlight:

Anais Chico

Salsa & Bachata Student

Anais is one of our passionate and committed students at the academy. She enrolled in both salsa and bachata programs and absolutely loves how learning both styles has made her a more versatile dancer. Her positive attitude and dedication make her an exceptional student at the academy.

Anais shares her dance journey through the following interview questions.

Anais Chico

1. Did you choose to take salsa classes or bachata classes first, or both at the same time? How come? 


I ended up enrolling in Bachata 101 and Salsa 101 at the same time. To my surprise, it wasn't as confusing as I thought it would be since the foundations were very similar. I learned to use different parts of my body in both classes and I think it made me a more well-rounded beginner! 

2. How would you describe the differences between salsa and bachata dancing (now that you’ve taken classes in both)? 

I think salsa is more "active," although you use every muscle possible in bachata. The tempo tends to be slower whereas salsa is a major cardio workout every time. Not complaining! It's fun to switch between the two and work the different parts of your body through each style. 

3. When you make mistakes in your salsa and bachata classes, how do you deal with them? 

The class is extremely forgiving! I've been in small and large Movers and Shakers groups and most of us laugh it off and try again. It's a really great learning environment, and because we're learning something new each week, we're all understanding that this is the first time we're practicing some of these moves. 


4. If you had to choose between salsa and bachata to dance forever, which would you pick and why? What draws you to that style? 

Salsa! I find myself listening to salsa music more in social settings and family gatherings. I hope I never have to choose! 

5. How is your overall experience with the instructors and teaching methods at Movers and Shakers Dance Academy? 

Inna (dance instructor) is amazing! I've had Inna for Bachata 101 and 102B and she is so talented and detailed. You can tell how passionate she is about teaching and her students' progress. Can't recommend her enough! 

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